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No Time to Blog!

Wow! Time has really flown by. (Cliché, I know, but my brain is dead, and my husband is currently watching Conan the Barbarian on TV, so I can’t escape cheesy clichés!) Basically, let me sum up what’s been going on … Continue reading

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Center Point Youth Group is the Best in the World!

The youth at Center Point Community Church rock! They just rock! Last night at youth group, I told them that A Prophecy Forgotten was available at Barnes & Noble. Later on, I walked outside and saw that about six cars … Continue reading

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Don’t Blush While Wearing Concealer…

Or, Gulp, How Am I Going to Sell 50 Books???My friends from middle school and high school, Sasha and Sophia, met me for coffee at Barnes & Noble on Friday. Sophia is an English teacher in San Francisco, and I … Continue reading

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In Honor of Jackie Robinson

Or, The Consequences of Prejudice Today is Jackie Robinson Day—the day an African American man first played major league baseball. Today, four of my favorite Yankees are sporting Robinson’s number 42: Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Joe Torre, and Mariano Rivera. … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a Cleaning Lady

Or, Things I Think About While I’m Scrubbing Toilets By day, I’m an author. I speak at schools about writing, I lead a young writers group, I teach writing workshops at conferences, and I sign books. At night, however, I … Continue reading

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5 Obsessions—no particular order

A MEME from Raven Bower You can thank Raven for this one! Writing: Quite the obvious one, isn’t it? I’m currently working on A Prophecy Forgotten’s sequel, Out of the Shadows. But I haven’t written recently—I’ve been so busy with … Continue reading

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A Prophecy Forgotten T-Shirts Are Here!

The T-shirts have finally arrived! They are sweet, to say the least! This is my friend and future Academy Award Winning Director, Brian Carnell, modeling one for me. The back is cool, too. It says: You do not know us. … Continue reading

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