365 Days of Art: Day 9 – Sunrise

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year. Today is day 9, and I’ve returned to a project I was working on before the holidays.

Wow, it’s already 11:00pm here on the East Coast. I’ve been working on a project from a great book by an artist that I really like. Her name is Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and she is awesome. I have about 5 of her books, and she gives you a very detailed set of instructions on how to recreate some of her works. (Please note that I’m not wearing my reading glasses and my eyes are shot, so I’m not to blame for spelling errors tonight since I can’t really see all the letters I’m typing.) I’m working through her book: Dreamscapes: Fantasy Worlds. (I hope that hyperlink worked; the app is giving me trouble.) She has several how-to books like this out, and she gives such great advice on drawing, taking ideas from nature and creating fantasy worlds with them, and of course, watercolor. I’ve done many of her projects so far, and I’m hoping to finish this book so I can start her book about painting mermaids, fairies, and angels.

So please note, I did not draw this picture. I made a photo copy of the pic and traced it onto my cheap, student-grade, wood-pulp watercolor paper. I’ve been following her painting instructions as best I can. It’s basically painting by numbers but with a lot of leeway. Just make sure to give her the credit for this and check out her books.

The main differences between her instruction and my work:

  • She uses illustrator board, which acts somewhat more like Bristol board, instead of watercolor paper. The water floats a bit on the surface. This gives her time to glaze, and she uses a smaller brush. I usually have to go up 2 to 4 brush sizes, and I have to work in smaller batches. My salt technique doesn’t work nearly as well as hers because my paper sucks.
  • I am experimenting with shading right now, so I deviated a bit tonight, especially since my paper absorbed the water to fast to paint the tree without issues. We weren’t really supposed to shade, but I went head and did it. I also added some ultramarine violet where I wasn’t supposed to because I wanted to see what would happen. (I’m such a rebel.)

This isn’t done yet. I’m several steps away from that, and I don’t get a lot of time each night. I’ve posted my before and after pics, and a shading pic.

Where I left off a few weeks ago.
What I did tonight.
You can see my experiments with adding straight ultramarine violet as a separate layer.
Her pic of where we are supposed to be. (She likes to use curly cues and snail things on her rocks and trees. Those don’t speak to me, so I don’t paint them. Again, rebel. Also, you can see I may have overdone the clouds a bit…)

Gotta go. I’m hoping to get to bed before it is officially tomorrow, and I still have to wash the brushes.

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