365 Days of Art: Day 11 – Hard Rock Stadium

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year. Can you guess where I am?

Go Buckeyes! #ohiostate (I did most of this half-blind, since my eyes were dilated from my eye doctor appointment.

Yep. Gotta get my daily art done. So I’m the art nerd in the stadium, drawing the hard rock emblem while the jocks around me are cheering. (Actually, I love football, so once o get this post uploaded I will be one of the cheering jocks….) I just got out of an eye appointment, so my eyes are dilated and I can’t see well up close, so pardon the shaky lines, etc.

A few notes about today:

  • Don’t bring a huge drawing pad to the eye-doctor waiting room with plans to draw while you wait your turn if you feel self-conscious about people seeing you draw… Cause drawing won’t happen.
  • Don’t plan to draw on your way across Alligator Alley from Naples to Miami to see the NCAA National Title Game if you have just gotten out of your eye appointment with dilated eyes. (I still can’t see very well up close.)
  • Do bring a small piece of drawing paper and a pencil into the stadium if you want to draw but still feel self conscious.
  • If you’re an introvert, going to a game during Covid is really nice 🙂

Here’s the pic of what I was trying to draw.

This is the emblem of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, but I know it as the Joe Robbie.

Hope y’all have a nice evening!

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