365 Days of Art: Day 21 – A Butterfly and a New Watercolor Book!

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year.

Yesterday totally took the wind out of my sails. (Also, the writer in me is cringing from that reckless cliche…) Water and paint refused to obey my commands and Art sucked. Then I finally started reading a watercolor book that arrived the day before: No-Fail Watercolor: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Painting with Confidence by Mako. I discovered her on YouTube, and after watching a few of her how-to videos, I ordered her book. (I’m a sucker for art books.)

This is totally from my heart, and you’ve got to know I’m honest about this because trust me, I don’t have enough followers to ever receive a free anything in return for a review on my blog or the social media accounts I’ve allowed to go stagnant for a while. I love this book, and I haven’t even gotten to the art exercises part yet. Mako explains the science—the physics—of watercolor. I’ve read tons of watercolor books, but this is the first one to explain that I’m watering down my paint to much when I’m dropping it into wet on wet and why. It’s life-changing. I actually bought some 100% cotton paper just so I could do the demonstrations in it and know that’s how water was supposed to work. (Total change of attitude from yesterday.) Anywho, I changed how I did my drops of new color into wet on wet and it worked!

I painted a butterfly from Watercolor Success in Four Steps by Marina Bakasova. Buckling, obviously, was an issue since I’m using a notebook, but the most annoying thing was that stupid drop of water that hangs out on the ferrule of the brush until it decides it simply must drop onto your painting. Yeah, happened a lot. ***sad face emoji***

Anyway, below is my butterfly. (It’s the big one in the right.) I missed the “on half wet” time to put the final lines in, so those were all done on dry. I decided to add extra shading to the body and head, too. And some dots for texture, but the water was too dry for it to work the way I wanted it to work.

Toodles! Bed calls. The yoga mat and elliptical want my undivided attention tomorrow morning.

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