365 Days of Art: Day 23 – A Chocolate Chip

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year.

I think I mentioned this in my last blog post, but this week has been a doozie when it comes to trying to get any sort of art done. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a mother of a five year old, I have a part time job that takes up way too much of my time, and my husband works on Saturdays, so I don’t really get any time to sit down and do art until after we put my daughter to bed. If she has to go to bed late or we have friends over, it pushes my Art time later. Too many nights a week of that, and I’m down to drawing a tiny chocolate chip and calling it a night. I’m hosting a baby shower for my friend tomorrow, so tonight while my family was watching The Lego Movie, I was cooking goodies for tomorrow. I fell asleep in my daughter’s bed while putting her to bed and I’m here, trying to get some form of art done.

Long story short, for those of you who have trouble finding time to get to the things you really want to do because of the things you have to do, I’m right there with you. Some days, you just have to draw the chocolate chip (or the Robin’s egg)—or whatever small thing you can get done in your hobby of choice that keeps you going.

Today I did a chocolate chip from 642 Tiny Things to Draw. I love this book because it gives easy, attainable drawing exercises that anyone can do in a short period of time. It helps continue the cycle on days you can’t do much else. If you have a goal of doing something everyday, a book like this is a great addition to your repertoire of projects that you can pull up when all else fails. I have something like this for yoga, too: a list of yoga videos that can be done in 10 to 20 minutes when the day has gone to pot and I still need to get my yoga in.

So here is my chocolate chip:

Behold the object of most women’s affection…

Okay so comments:

  • Oh my goodness I need glasses!!! I wasn’t wearing them tonight, and I thought I had blended that shading in so much better. The lines looked all smooth with my bare eyes instead of scratchy!
  • I need to keep some drawing stumps in my kitchen so I have them available. I really hate trying to blend the shading with my finger.
  • On nights like this, I wish I wasn’t allergic to chocolate.

The bed calls, my friends. (It calls to us, precious….) (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams!

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