365 Days of Art: Day 28 – Watercolor Moonlit Sea

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year. Tonight, I’m trying something on my own instead of following instructions from a book!

In yesterday’s post, I did a watercolor sunset and I mentioned that I felt like it might be time to start taking what I learn from the books I’m doing and create some of my own work. Tonight’s picture is going to be pretty cliche; it’s something you may have done if you’ve ever gone to a paint with wine class. I’m going to do something similar to what I did yesterday, but with the moonlight. I’m an author. Moonlight and night are my thing.

I’m doing a similar setup, but using a whole palm tree (and totally hoping that works out). I did a thumbnail drawing to determine the layout using the rule of thirds. I’ve chosen my colors: Indigo, Winsor Blue (green shade), and Paynes Gray. I’m waiting for the masking fluid on the moon’s reflection to dry. I’m a little nervous because I’m not quite sure how a wet on wet variegated wash of indigo and blue will turn out. Oh yeah, I need some gauche for stars but later. Oh and I need a coin for the moon.

Okay, here we go.

Wait, I forgot my reading glasses.

Aaannnnd… My husband took my quarter and gave it to my daughter, so I am improvising with a tea light. Except now I need to add more masking fluid so the moon’s reflection is the right size.

Okay, here we go again…

Aaannnd… I forgot to lift the dang moon before it dried!!! Switching from herbal mint tea to tequila.

Okay, so I traced the tea light and used a paint brush to lift the blue out of the moon. Now my moon is mostly white with a nice dark pencil mark all around it. And my hand slipped so there is a stick sticking out of the moon. (I should make it into an American flag…) Also, note to all: Indigo does not ever belong in a moonlit night picture…

Finished, and I still have tequila left. Making my moon bigger started a chain reaction that caused me to move the positioning of the palm tree, so no rule of thirds anymore. I also decided not to add stars because it’s after 10:00pm, and my elliptical needs me at 5:30 tomorrow morning. The masking fluid is on its last legs, so it dried horribly. Worse, because I didn’t lift the moon in time, the pure white of the reflection ended up being too bright. I muted it by running a damp brush across it to blend some of the blue into it. Now it matches the moon.

Here it is. Not to bad for my first painting all my own. I love silhouettes and I want to make more. Next time, I’m going to lose the indigo and stick to Winsor Blue. I will also make sure I have a dang quarter. I will remember to lift the moon before it dries. And I will buy new masking fluid.

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