365 Days of Art: Day 80 – Drawing a Lemon Drop

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year.

Oh boy. I’m up against the wall of time again. It’s 11:30pm. I’ve been reading kids essays and stories literally all day, and I need to get this done before twelve. Enter this week’s current muse: 642 Tiny Things to Draw. Tonight, I’ve chosen a lemon drop. Why? Because it’s the simplest shape I can find in the book that I can draw and post a blog about in less than 30 minutes. Let’s see how this works, shall we?

11:32pm Okay, so according to Google, a lemon drop is a cocktail…. Adjusting search terms….

11:34pm Oh Crap. These things have texture

11:35pm Do lemon drops make you think of Hogwarts, or is that just me?


Thoughts from this speedy exercise:

  • I have a kneaded eraser in my other art bag. I need to get it into my drawing pencil holder.
  • I have all these lovely drawing pencils with different hardness levels, yet I keep reaching for the mechanical pencil. This killed my lemon drop. I pressed too hard and now my lemon drop has lines instead of a textured sour-sugar outer layer.
  • I think this could also pass for an almond…

Here is the picture I used:

11:48pm Happy Sunday! Posting happening now!

Daily Yoga: my biggest mistake with yoga happened today. I know that if I don’t do yoga in the morning, I have back pain. However, it’s Sunday: Restorative Day. I don’t do real yoga on Sunday—well, I mean any yoga that requires strength. Stretching, yes. So I didn’t do yoga in the morning. And my back went out just a teensy-weensy bit when I was vacuuming. I quick pulled up this yoga for back pain video with Yoga with Tim. The video itself didn’t really do much, but right afterward, I did a quick flow with Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to Pyramid on both sides. The moment I transitioned from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 on my second side, my back popped twice and I’m pretty sure I got it back in place. I’m pretty sure the yoga video helped loosen everything up so the Warrior flow could work its magic. I’m just hoping I wake up pain free tomorrow.


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