365 Days of Art: Day 86 – Watercolor Lime

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year.

I’m trying to do more watercolor painting instead of just drawing this week. I had plans to start a painting project from Mako’s new book, but this one involved gauche and a sponge, so that sounds like a good one for tomorrow while everyone is watching basketball.

Instead, I’m doing a watercolor lime from Watercolor Success in Four Steps by Marina Bakasova. This one calls for 3 colors of green: Emerald Green, Yellowish Green, and Sap Green. A closer look at the instructions shows that the Emerald Green and Yellowish Green are supposed to be mixed. The end result looks a lot like Hooker Green (which I have in my paint arsenal), and I’m lazy. Therefore, the part of “Emerald Green and Yellowish Green Mix” will be played by Hooker Green.

Drink of choice tonight: Chamomile tea. I’m hoping it stays paint free, which rarely happens.

And here you go:

Mine is on the left.

I’m actually really excited about this one. I wanted to show more texture of the citrusy flesh, so I used small strokes on dry instead of on wet. I really like how mine turned out. I’m discovering that my painting style leans more toward the more detailed side of things. Art is fun when the painting works out and you feel like you’ve learned something.

On a completely odd note, after doing this project, I’m pretty sure the makers of Mountain Dew use some combination of Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green, and Hooker Green to create that Neon-I-Shouldn’t-Put-This-In-My-Body Yellow color.

Sunburn update: Yeah, so my shoulders actually almost matched my husband’s burgundy shirt. (We did a side-by-side comparison. Total sunburn shaming.) It’s like I have a full-body, first-degree burn. Even bending my knees is painful. (Actually, I think I technically do have a full-body, first-degree burn because the whole thing is red and swollen.) The moral of this story: If you come to southwest Florida, put on sunscreen. I’m a native. I should know this. Heck, I’ve been sunburnt while sitting in a shaded garage all day. It’s that bad down here.

What are you guys working on? Have you ever done anything where you deviated from the instructions and you liked it better?

Daily Yoga: Today I did this yoga video from Fightmaster Yoga. I felt part of my mid-spine pop back into place, so I think that might have solved my remaining back pain issue from when I tweaked my back last week I was also able to get into wheel, so that is really good. The back might be getting better!

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