365 Days of Art: Day 296 – Adding Thorns, Chalk Painting Chairs, and Carving a Pumpkin

The challenge: Create some form of visual art, no matter how small, each day for a full year.

I guess you could say today was full of “art” but the only art I’m counting are the thorns I just drew on the rose at 11:52pm. (More on that after I post this so it counts as today’s blog post.)

Art Stuff I did today:

  • I finished the third coat of white chalk paint on two dining room chairs. These are part of a set of six. About four years ago, I painted the first four, and I’m finally getting around to painting these two. Yes, that means for four years, we’ve been sitting around a white table with four white chairs and two oak chairs. Tomorrow, I will distress and then put the first coat of wax on these. (If you are wondering what chalk paint is and why people are crazy about it and why it’s so expensive and is it worth it, let me put it this way. It took me only three coats of white paint to fully cover these chairs—without primer. And it took less than 1/3 of a quart of paint total,) I’m not sure if just painting furniture falls into the art category, but tomorrow’s distressing should, I think. I do know that painting these chairs and the trunk is taking up a lot of my art time, so some of it counts.
  • I carved a Jack O’Lantern. Now I don’t actually consider this art on my part since I didn’t create the pattern. However, I carved the pumpkin and made it look nice and saved the seeds to roast tomorrow, so gosh darn it, I earn some art points here.
  • I added thorns to my rose stem. This is probably the least amount of work for all 3, but it counts the most as Art. Basically, I fell asleep in my daughter’s bed again. I’m fighting her cold, and she is still coughing, and I didn’t want to leave her so I stayed until she fell asleep and then I fell asleep. I woke up just in time to draw something.

Here is everything:

I will shad these when I finish all my real shading.
These are sitting on a table in my bedroom. It’s supposed to be tall enough so I don’t hurt my back bending over, but it’s not working.

My daughter picked the pattern. I would have done something cute. I live in southwest Florida, so I’ve got bets placed on weather the pumpkin will rot before Halloween.

Have a great evening, Folks!

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